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SEO Tips For Newbies

SEO or search engine optimization knowledge is critical for the person starting out in e-commerce. Whether you want to blog, run an online store or do anything else successfully online, you need to figure out how to get noticed by search engines so that people can find you. Understanding SEO is critical for anyone who wants to be successful in online enterprise.

An important aspect of search engine optimization is the fact that you need to invest time and effort into your website on a regular basis in order get traffic and keep traffic continuously increasing. If you allow your website to sit and collect cobwebs it won’t do much for you.

SEO Tip 1:

There isn’t a magical formula; at least not one that’s evergreen so it’s important to stay current on SEO news. Dig deep to find information and read everything you can. You’ll find conflicting information at times but knowledge is power so absorb as much SEO news as you can.

SEO Tip 2:

Create an easy to follow design with a standard homepage, easily viewable links and a site index. This way, people and search engines can find their way around easily and so can people.

SEO Tip 3:

Determine what your target keywords are. There are some great tools out there that can help you both for free or for a small fee. Often it’s fairly easy to figure this out on your own.

Ask yourself:

What are the top three to five words or phrases you would use if you were use to search for the product or topic you are selling? Be sure that those words are on each page of your website, especially in titles, headings and at the beginning, middle and end of each page. It’s a good idea to use variations as well to give your site further credibility and increase the Long Tail.

SEO Tip 4:

SEO Fact : Content is king. Always will be. Don’t assume that more is better in terms of keywords. Do not fall victim to the temptation to simply keyword stuff your site otherwise two things will happen. First, you’ll get banned by the search engines and even worse, you’ll be ignored by the humans who land on your page. Both types of visitors can see through vain SEO attempts to trick you to get onto their site.

Instead, you want to target the fine line between having enough keyword relevancy to make it impossible for the search engines to ignore you but not so much that your human visitors find your content to be poor quality. Hire a professional SEO article writer if you have to in order to come across as professional. Keep fresh content on your pages and change your content regularly. You don’t have to waste what you’ve put effort and money into, instead move your old content into archives so it continues to work for you as well.

SEO Tip 5:

Web 2.0 is all about social networking. Social networking, social book marking, forum posting and link exchanges can be invaluable If you can get high ranking websites in your niche to exchange links with you, this can help. If you are blogging, comment on other blogs in your niche to get a link back to your site and generate interest from bloggers that frequent other sites in your niche. If you use tools like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social book marking tools on your pages with appropriate tagging, you can bring relevant traffic fairly quickly and it’s viral so others will do the same. Social networking activities are also indexed by the search engines.

In summary, there are basic to advanced seo techniques and seo tips that you can use to get noticed by the big three search engines. Your results will depend a lot on how narrow your niche is but there are some basic things you can do to be search engine friendly from the start. It’s never too late to optimize your site though so don’t lose heart if you didn’t follow this advice on your website from the beginning. Here are some basic ideas. This is not an exhaustive list but is a great place to start.

Is SEO Suitable for me?

What An Internet Marketing Center Can Do For You

Internet marketing centers are basically consultants and clearinghouses of marketing information on the Internet. They test, develop and forecast what tools and resources will be needed for small and medium sized businesses to successfully market themselves on the Internet.

Starting an online business? You need more than just a website to succeed. You need a plan. You need strategies for driving potential customers to your site. You need a site designed to sell effectively. You need strategies to convert site traffic into money in the bank. An Internet marketing center is a valuable resource you can use to successfully start, build and grow your own online business on a small budget.

Internet marketing centers vary in scope and purpose. Some provide free information and articles. Some are consulting firms you can hire to help you build your online business. Others have dodgy looking websites guaranteeing you wealth, fame and power almost over night. Needless to say, evaluate them carefully, and use common sense. Business on the Internet is still business, and there’s no magic secret to easy success.

Many Internet marketing centers focus on particular types of business. For example, some advise lawyers, some advise manufacturers of after-market parts for motorcycles, and everything in between. Many sites advise entrepreneurs providing services, rather than goods.

Are you an eBayer? eBay has become a way for small retail businesses to generate big money. More than 2 million people scour eBay every day looking for stuff to buy. It’s the most visited e-commerce site on the whole Internet. In fact, approximately 1/3 of all US Internet users visit eBay. Internet marketing centers are sites where you can learn strategies for growing a real business on eBay.

Before you consult a site for the specific type of business you plan to start, it may be advisable to learn more about marketing on the Internet. There are many excellent websites full of free articles on marketing on the Internet. Some also provide broader background information about marketing, in case you didn’t happen to go to business school. Even if you are planning on hiring one of the consulting firm styles Internet marketing centers to help you build your online business, it is sensible to book up on the basic principles before you do.

The consulting firm style internet marketing centers can help you develop, step by step, practical, cost-effective strategies to build your business, no matter how small you are starting out. Even home-based businesses might consider using their services to develop profitable strategies. They often provide training services as well as hands-on, individual counseling. Some even develop custom software to aid you in your Internet marketing endeavors.

There are many types of Internet marketing center. Some are free clearinghouses of general marketing information. Others provide consulting services to your business. Some of these firms are surprisingly affordable. No matter how small your business, even if you’re working from your garage, they may be able to help you grow a profitable business. Use your judgment and beware of scammers, and your business can benefit from the information and services provided by internet marketing centers.

SEO Company in Manchester

The Three Types Of SEO Services

As you scout around for SEO services, you may wonder what sets one company’s SEO services apart from another’s. Companies which provide SEO services usually use different SEO philosophies, tools and methods for optimizing their clients’ websites. These different approaches are usually termed as “hats” SEO services usually come in three different hats:

Black Hat SEO Services

Black Hat SEO is known as SEO spamming. From the second term itself, you may have an idea of what this kind of SEO service offers. Black Hat SEO is centered on creating sites that are targeted at manipulating or tricking search engines for better site ranking. Black Hat SEO relies heavily on automation to come up with large numbers of substandard pages and pulls links from other sites which are actually irrelevant. Consequently, this SEO approach usually gets poor or irrelevant search engine result pages or SERP quality. What is advantageous with Black Hat SEO is that it can get your site on the top of search engine rankings in a matter of a short span of time. However, this is not a wise SEO services strategy in terms of web design perspective. Worse, once search engines find out that your site maligns their results; your site may and will run the risk of getting banned or crashing on view. So if you want to get on top of search engine listings in a matter of days and are willing to take the risk of flouting some site behavior guidelines, Black Hat SEO services should do the trick for you.

White Hat SEO Services

For every black, there is always a white. The same is true for SEO services. White Hat SEO services, on the other hand, relies on the advantages of putting in relevant and quality content as well as effective marketing strategies to place sites on top of search engine rankings. SEO services providers that offer White Hat SEO will focus mostly on your site contents. White Hat SEO providers will help you come up with contents that will attract people, and not search engines into your site. You should know that content is a very important factor in SEO building (if not the most important). With good content, White Hat SEO services will be able to get you more inbound links from other relevant websites. White Hat SEO is definitly considered to be the better SEO tool. It will not put your site in the risk for getting blacklisted and does not violate any search engine SEO guidelines. Most importantly, visitors who check your site will most likely be converted easily with your great content.

Grey Hat SEO Services

Grey Hat SEO is mid-way between the two tools above and is all about the balance between risk and reward. There are actually a wide number of SEO services solutions categorized under this. Some Grey Hat SEO services may tend to use more dubious strategies and take even bigger risks to produce fast and high search engine rankings. While many Gray Hat SEO services methods obey search engine guidelines, others might put you at risk. If you opt for SEO services using Grey Hat, be sure about what you are exactly subjecting your online site to.

Which hat should you choose?

According to major search engines such as Google, White Hat is good SEO; Black Hat is bad SEO, while Grey Hat is for the most part, dicey. Those using Black Hat SEO services might tell you that White Hat is too ineffective and Grey Hat may be safe but not as effective. Those who prefer Grey Hat may claim that White Hat SEO Services is only effective only when no Grey or Black Hats are involved. White Hat SEO services providers may tell you that Black Hat SEO users are cheaters and those providing Grey Hat are quitters.

Through all these varying opinions, know that it is still up to you to choose the right type of SEO services that you want. It is your objectives and goals that will determine which type of hat you should wear. From my point of view White Hat is better and more cost effective if you are serious about your business… and serious businesses exclude: gambling, adult, and pharmacy sites.

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SEO Company in Manchester

The Internet Marketing Buzz: Are You Going To Be In Or Out?

Internet marketing has grown to huge proportions these past few years. It seems like if you are doing research to get the word out about your Internet business or website, you are able to find plenty of information about Internet marketing search engine placement, and other types of marketing ideas. So what is going to work for your business?

Internet marketing can be a hard nut to crack. It is definitely confusing to understand what the particular Internet marketing solution is for your business, but once you understand what direction you are headed and how to market your company, you are already halfway there to getting a lot of business for your company from the Internet.

New business owners, especially those who run smaller businesses, may not think that they need to concern themselves with Internet marketing, when they can try traditional marketing for their business. Smaller business owners can’t see how a good Internet marketing search engine placement is going to bring much more business into their shops than a yellow page ad.

Even those business owners, who are primarily on the Internet with their businesses, don’t really understand the importance of solid Internet marketing. Some of these business owners seem to think that by advertising on the Internet, they are going to be bombarded by work at home Internet marketing business schemes and other Internet marketing solutions that have absolutely no relevance to their businesses.

So what exactly do you have to do to get yourself into the Internet marketing game? Doing research on your competitors and similar businesses is going to definitely give you a leg up. Even if you are a local business, and you have no competition, you may want to check out your competition in other areas, to give you some good ideas. With other websites, find out what they are doing and how they’re doing it to win the game.

Sure, for some businesses, Internet marketing is going to be pretty expensive. If you are just starting out, you may not want to plunk down all of your budget for advertising into this type of marketing. As time goes on, you are going to want to add more and more of your money into getting to the top of the search engine results, which means that people will be able to find your business easily on the web, and you will get new customers from the buzz of the Internet.

Over time, Internet marketing is going to definitely boost your revenue and build your customer base. Time and patience is definitely needed, and learning about Internet marketing is going to really increase your profits more quickly and give you an advantage over everyone else who has no idea what they are doing. .

The Internet is more than just work at home Internet marketing business proposals and those who do a bit of research are sure to find the best Internet marketing solution for their businesses. Doing a little research in the beginning is definitely going to pay off. Once you get the Internet marketing nut cracked, you are going to see the sweet rewards of more business, higher profits and higher quality customers.

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SEO Manchester

SEO Company in Manchester

I have lived and worked in Manchester for 33 years and I personally think its one of the greatest cities in the world. Manchester is the home town of SEO Asylum (#1 SEO Company in Manchester) and most of the websites we SEO and build are from companies based in Manchester and the surrounding areas like Liverpool and Leeds. Although we are a Manchester based SEO company we are also a national company and we do cover all of the UK and we have even helped a few businesses in Spain and India.

SEO Manchester

The name SEO Asylum came from the early 90S name for Manchester which is MADchester, thanks to a little Manchester band called “The Happy Mondays”. I think Shaun Ryder would fit nicely in with the rest of the inmates at SEO Asylum.

As I’m sure you are all away Manchester is also home of the greatest football team in the world, yes you guest it Manchester United and all so the home of one of the longest running television shows Coronation Street. Manchester is great city, if you have never been, come and pay a visit, there is loads to see and do.
SEO Company Manchester

SEO Aslyum is the number one SEO Company in Manchester

So back to SEO, if you have a business and you would like to improve your online activity and generate more income through SEO and other online marketing services Like PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns then SEO Asylum can help.

Our team of SEO experts will put together an SEO strategy designed to get your website to the top of Google for certain key phrases.

If you live in the Manchester area and you would like to pop in for a brew and a chat about our services just let us know when you coming and we will get the biscuits in!

If you are a business in Manchester or anywhere in the North West and you would like us to come and visit you, just give us a call and we will arrange toi visit and have a chat.

SEO Company in Manchester

Google Decides where to Rank Pages?

Google Decides where to Rank Pages?

Google promotes web pages that it thinks are authority pages. It’s an SEO company’s job to create rich content authority pages. This simply involves writing relevant content and building relevant links to your chosen authority page to help Google decide if the page should be one of the chosen few.

So Search engine optimization involves writing pages that use relevant keywords, words people use in searches, and securing links from other pages to show how important your page is compared to others.

If you had and a friend had a website each and they were similar in relevance and word content, the website with the most SEO link building will be recognised more by Google as a authority page and more people will see it.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a specialist activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines especially Google for words and phrases relevant to the product or service you are selling.

If someone is searching for a Plumber in London, then the page SEO’d for the keyphrase “Plumbers in London” will rank higher than any other, thus meaning more income.
Speak to a specialist SEO company like us and ask about SEO and they’ll try and we will try not to blind you with science and confuse you, we will try and make it a simple as possible to understand.

Remember inbound Links are very important

Links are vital to any SEO campaign, but only relevant links should be created. 10 to 20 quality, relevant links are better than 1000 none-relevant links. An SEO company will help discover and create these links for you.


What can SEO accomplish?

What can SEO accomplish?

There is often a misunderstanding about search engine optimization, in what a SEO campaign can realistically accomplish and how quickly this happens.
As mentioned numerous times on this blog, SEO is not magi, we are not magicians, or is it an exact science, SEO can’t be 100% predicted and there a numerous variables to every SEO campaign. With this in mind, we can produce high page rankings for clients by using our SEO skills that have been developed over years of trial and error. Time is a big factor in any SEO campaign and it can take time to rank a page, this depends on your market place and the key words that you are targeting.

Is SEO Suitable for me?

Is SEO Suitable for me?

Is SEO Suitable for me?

Search engine optimization or SEO has always seen as a good way to avoid spending money on advertising by attaining high rankings in the organic SERPs. Not only is this not the true purpose of SEO, it can, in fact, be a dangerous way to conduct business.

You should never put all your eggs in one basket and solely rely on Search engine optimization because search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and any one of the daily changes can impact on a websites ranking and this could but your business in jeopardy. With that said, SEO can contribute greatly to almost any online marketing campaign and can massively improve a web page rankings, if it has been done correctly. (See what is SEO?)

Search engine optimization is not suitable for those who are looking to save money by getting away from other forms of online marketing, remember don’t put all your eggs into one basket.
SEO is a long-term process and it can take 60+ days to see some improvement, if you are in a competitive market. Search engine optimization is a mid- to long-term solution which does require a significant investment of time and patience. If you have just started an online business or a new business website and are looking for a way to jumpstart your website traffic, SEO is an added marketing tool that will help.

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SEO Company in Manchester

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization and this is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic search engine result with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Including and incorporating friendly and acceptable search engine elements into a website with increase the likelihood of it climbing in search engine page rankings.

A successful SEO campaign will have, carefully researched and relevant, keywords included in relevant content   On-page SEO refers to website elements which build a web page, such as HTML code, textual content, and images. Off-page optimization refers, predominantly, to backlinks.

Types of SEO

Types of Search engine optimization have been categorised into 2 categories, White Hat and Black Hat. As the colours of the types of search engine optimization suggest, they are very different in the approach and have different outcomes. Though both types of SEO have their proponents, most companies/websites with long-term, stable, and sustainable goals will tend to stay away from the dark-coloured variety.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO uses techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which don’t run against rules of search engine (mainly Google) guidelines. Some white hat SEO techniques include: high quality content development, website HTML optimization and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported by high quality content and manual research and outreach.

Outcomes: Steady, gradual, but lasting growth in rankings.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO exploits weaknesses in the search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings for a website. Such techniques and methods are in direct conflict with search engine guidelines. Some black hat SEO techniques include: link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links.

Outcomes: Quick, unpredictable, and short-lasting growth in rankings.

Gray Hat SEO

The work of most search engine optimization companies, operate in a gray area, called Gray Hat search engine optimization. Whether by design or pressure from clients to deliver results, many search engine optimization companies try to deliver solutions and results for customers by utilizing techniques which don’t quite cross the line into black hat SEO, but are well outside of what would be considered white hat search engine optimization.

Gray hat search engine optimization is recognizable by ‘affordable’ pricing, since the search engine optimization company has to reduce cost by resorting to questionable techniques in order to deliver results, instead of highly involved campaign activities. In the end there is really no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do search engine optimization, but those shopping for SEO services should be aware of the different types and approaches so that they know the level of risk they are taking on.

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