The Key Benefits Of Quickbooks Hosting

The notion of Quickbooks hosting raises many questions. The first is when did Intuit enter the hosting business, and why? The answer lies in the cloud. When companies need a reliable way to have their licensing rights follow users, they have a reason to consider Intuit hosting services. Read on to learn more about the many benefits.

The Intuit Hosting Program gives its users the rightful access to their fully licensed copies of QuickBooks but instead installed on servers. Such a remote facility gives users the access to the software by way of the Internet.

The virtual desktop makes such access a reality. The key is to ensure that there is a secure Internet connection with an equally secure web browser. Intuit does not offer the service all by itself, to answer the first question. Instead, it has authorized and designated certain web hosting companies to provide this service on its behalf. It makes sense because this way Intuit is giving its blessing to hosting companies that it deems worthy of the task to provide access to QuickBooks on a secure server remotely.

Such outsourced management of such services to valid customers who purchased licenses for every user makes for the best product experience. The simple reason is that no, Inuit is not a hosting company. Yet, it gets to make sure that the hosting is of proper quality to ensure secure access to the licensed product. Intuit wants to maintain the highest quality standards when customers access its products remotely.

The Benefits Of Remote Access
Remote access for QuickBooks on the web gives easy access to users who are in different locations simultaneously. It also gives professionals who travel access to their accounts while on the road.

Another option is for use with Intuit PayRoll services, which integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. It allows employees to enter their time sheets on weekends, weeknights, and workdays, any time of day. That means that it is a more efficient experience for payroll as well. It allows decision-makers, and management to plan for scheduling changes and provide such changes as needed.

Additional benefits of having remote desktop access to the program are that it provides easy, not effort and automated back-ups of the information. The connections are secure and provide for lower risk liability as the data from the office is not kept onsite.

For companies whose infrastructure is older or less stable, using the offsite storage is necessary and beneficial. It also saves a lot of money from paying full-time technology professionals. In addition, it slashes costs for hardware as well.

Quickbooks hosting provides many great benefits for anyone who needs remote access to their licensed subscriptions to the software. When this is the case, it is the best way to go. This is particularly useful for small and large companies, those with odd hours, and those who need instant access to the product regardless of their specific location or time. Getting information into the system is often time-sensitive and requires the ability to use it anytime.