Link Building Has Changed

When it comes to search engine optimization, there have been numerous factors associated with it that are important to how well a website will rank. Obviously, on-site SEO is essential as this is what helps the search engines figure out what the site and each page is about. Without this, the search engines would just guess at what the content is, which usually means that great content is indexed incorrectly and will never be found by the general public. Once the on-site work is done, it is then time to take care of the link building.

Building links has been a part of ranking well in the search engines for well over ten years. When the search engines first appeared, they used various algorithms to rank sites. Google settled on using backlinks as a measure of a site’s authority early on, and have continued to do so until this day. Even though they now say that they use around 200 variables, the one that stands out in all testing above all others is the number and quality of links. In the early days, it was all about the number of links. This led to the development of software that used to get thousands of links to a site, mainly forum profiles and blog posts.

During this time, keywords were also important, and so many of the links would contain the keywords that the owner of the site wanted to be indexed under. This simple concept actually worked very well for a few years. The problem was, that a lot of search results had sites that were just built for things like Adsense, rather than actually supplying quality content. So, the marketers and spammers ended up getting the upper hand, especially with Google, and they found it pretty easy to manipulate the results.

This period meant that a lot of marketers and spammers made a lot of money. However, all that changed a few years ago when Google decided to fight back. They have done this by not only continuing the development of their normal algorithm updates, but they also brought out new updates named after animals, such as Panda and Penguin. A number of further updates on these special algorithms have been released, and it has changed the search results from spammy to informational. This is a great thing for the person searching for answers.

To the website owner and internet marketer, it means that when it comes to link building, the SEO landscape has gone through a major change. By pointing loads of spammy keyword heavy back links at a site, it is more likely to get it penalized than a good ranking. These days it is important for links to appear consistently over a wide range of sites, and containing a variety of keywords and naked URL’s. The main rule is to make sure that it all looks natural. By doing it this way, it is still possible to use link building to gain better rankings.