SEO Tips To Master

SEO Tips To Master This Year

Search engine optimization has been around for quite some time. Webmasters have to optimize their websites for search engines not only to gain higher ranks but to attract organic traffic as well. With thousands of new websites being launched everyday, the only way to get a fair share of the online market pie is by ensuring your site is well optimized for both search engines, and organic visitors as well. Discussed below are a few SEO tips that have rocked 2015 and projected to explode in 2016. These include:

1.     Optimization for mobile platforms: Billions of people today use their smartphones, tablets, and iPads to access the Internet. Many of these people prefer making online purchases and orders’ using these smart handheld devices as it is convenient for them. This is the reason why webmasters are advised to adopt the use of a mobile responsive code that allows internet users and audiences to access and navigate their sites with ease. Mobile responsive websites are known to attract more visitors and traffic, hence have a higher chance of gaining higher ranks in all the major search engines.

2.    Content marketing: Content still plays a huge role in how websites are ranked today. Google and the other big search engines crawl websites to find out if its content is unique, relevant and informative for the reader.   Although XML sitemaps do help with indexing, it would be advisable to publish high quality, original and informative content in your website. In addition to this, you need to ensure this content is optimized with long-tail keywords as well. This increases your website visibility thus increasing traffic to the same.

3.    Video marketing: This is one of the biggest converting and most influential SEO tool that increases not only visibility but also boosts lead generation. Many marketers today use short videos to advertise and market their businesses online. In addition to this, most social networking platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow users to share video ads in their timelines. In addition to this, these video ads play automatically when one hovers over them. This has allowed many of the big companies to tap into the overwhelming traffic in the social media.

4.    Social media marketing:  The social media also have a great influence in how search engines rank websites.   Using the social media to market and advertise your business online not only increases visibility but also helps tap into massive traffic in the same. Billions of people (who could be your target audience) log into these websites every day.  Learning the principles of social media marketing by creating a page then using it to promote your business among other ways is one of the best ways to tap traffic from the same. More traffic means more conversions hence higher ranks by search engines.

5.    Page load times:  About 3 years ago, many people were comfortable waiting at least 6 seconds for a page to load, today, audiences will not wait more than 3 seconds.   Although technology has changed and helped improve internet connectivity, people today are very impatient and want a site that loads fast enough before hitting the back button. To get a fair share and higher ranks in search engines, you should then consider building a light-weight website, or even better, use faster servers.

The SEO tips discussed above should help you be a master in optimizing your website, and delivering the best for your audience.  Keeping up with the current technological trends is the only way to remain relevant in the field.

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