Top Companies In South Carolina

South Carolina may not be known for skyscrapers and may not be host to some of the largest cities, but there are certainly major US companies within the state. When looking at the top companies in South Carolina, you have to remember to pay attention to different categories, such as top employers. There are also the largest companies, the fastest growing companies and more.

Looking at the top companies in South Carolina in terms of employment is important. You can either group companies on different lists according to specific categories, or you can look at all the factors and make one list based on more than just sheer size and sales volume. It’s time to take a look at some of these companies and see if they are ones you knew about already.

One source that ranks the fastest growing companies mentions Wireless Communications, BoomTown and Omatic Software as the top companies in the state. Two out of those three businesses are software companies. Software companies are important, but so are other industries. Tech companies in general are often some of the fastest growing, but now it’s time to take a look at some more established companies in South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach, Charleston and other cities in South Carolina are situated along the coastline, so you can imagine travel and tourism makes a showing when it comes to the top companies. Burroughs and Chapin Company is the top company in that sector, and they are responsible for another top company and one of the largest employers in South Carolina, NASCAR Speedpark. The actual name of the company, however, is International Speed Parks LLC.

When you look at the top employers when selecting top South Carolina companies, you’re going to run into many within the healthcare industry. For example, there is Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, Piedmont Medical Center, Palmetto Health and the Carolinas Hospital System. Banks are also a major player, with Carolina First Bank being one of the largest companies. There are over 170 branches of this bank in the state.

Hartsville, South Carolina brings this next top company and employer to you, and the name of the company is Sonoco. This industrial company is known for its packaging solutions, and while it’s headquartered in South Carolina, there are over 300 locations worldwide. You’ll notice that some of the top companies might have headquarters in other states, but this company again has its headquarters in Hartsville.

Other top South Carolina companies include Williams Strength, Charleston Heating and Air, Dovetail Insurance and Suzanne Evans Coaching. Remember, too, that there are going to be both public and private companies, and there are also nonprofit companies. A few more of the top employers include ScanSource, Charleston Symphony Orchestra and Bowater Inc., which is located in Greenville.

Not all of the top companies are located in the most prominent South Carolina cities, which are Columbia, Charleston, Greenville and a few more. Did you know that the only BMW manufacturing facility in America is located in South Carolina? BMW Manufacturing Corporation may not be headquartered in South Carolina, but it absolutely has to be on this list.