What Are Web 2.0s and Why Are They Important?

Web 2.0 Image

A Web 2.0 is a type of a website or application. The key distinctive of Web 2.0s is their interactive nature—they are intended as platforms on which people can share, collaborate, communicate, and create. Web 2.0s are very user friendly and easy to set up, so they’re a highly accessible digital property. Users don’t need website building skills and they don’t have to know how to design a website. Usually, in a few simple steps, a person can create a Web 2.0 account and get it completely set up in just a few minutes. Web 2.0 applications include blogs, social networking sites, podcasts, content hosting services, and wikis. The most common and well-known Web 2.0s are sites like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

Web 2.0s are important for SEO because they are great places to put backlinks to moneysites. Most Web 2.0s require users to set up a profile as part of their account, and in the profile is usually a place to register a websiteURL as well as other relevant information (sometimes also the name, address, and phone number of the business or company). Another place to put links is in the content on the Web 2.0 sites or applications. A blog, which is short for “web log,” is a Web 2.0 site that is content driven. It usually consists of blog posts—pages of material that are added to regularly. This content can contain backlinks. Wikis are collaborative Web 2.0 websites that invite members of that wiki community to contribute to.

These Web 2.0s can be slightly harder than other Web 2.0 varieties to get links on because a business URL in the content can be regarded as self-promoting. Most SEO specialists look to social networking Web 2.0s and blog Web 2.0s as ideal locations for putting backlinks. These sites are continually updated and renewed, so they are active and visible to Google. Having a collection of Web 2.0s in one’s SEO pocket provides multiple visible, renewing sites to put links on.