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What is SEO?

A Simple Overview of What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? SEO is a skill within the development of websites to increase their probability of scoring high in search engine rankings. The optimization is mostly concentrated on a number of elements within the HTML of the pages or site with the primary goal of generating referral traffic.

In simple terms, sites or pages have content (videos, articles, local listings, etc.) that show up on various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Their position or ranking on the search results is based on what the search engine considers to be highly relevant to the online users. Ideally, optimization would focus on the site, but with the modern changes it focuses on the web page with emphasis on the use of keywords that describes the contented posted on the website as an online entity. Thus, SEO aims to ensure that sites can be found on search engines based on the phrases and words the site is offering to its viewers.

The choice of words used in doing SEO matters, but this also needs the backing of keyword placement. The key phrases or words should be placed within the first 100 words or can also be in the middles of the content, and in the last 100 words. This has been the system that help to maximize the SEO campaign.

Keywords are not the only elements that foster better optimization of a page or site. On a broader perspective, search engine optimization involves putting the content out there, and not just content, but information that is relevant to the user. What this means is that the content should be visible across the internet, and this brings in need for link building. Simply put, SEO= Great Relevant Content + Quality links.

Some website developers say that keywords are the life force of site optimization, and other say links are the fuel that drive the whole package. In truth, none of the two will bear any meaning without the other. All sites want to build or share links with other sites that have a high traffic. However, having the right and relevant content (the use of keywords) for the end user is the secret to generating traffic. In short, link building is the acquisition of hyperlinks from high- traffic sites to another site. The links will help users to discover new pages that are relevant to their search.

Few internet users know of this, but search engine optimization is also about analysis. The various posts on the pages or site touch on one or more key item. As such, it is easy to find out what content is of important, which is informative, and which needs to be changed or scrapped. All these involve the collection of data for analysis of how well the site or page will do based on the level of interaction noted with the users.

So what is SEO in regards to online business? Most online businesses give a higher focus on their SEO campaign to ensure they rank highly on the search engine results. Simply put, they use search engine optimization as a marketing strategy to do promotions and give their businesses a better online presence. Though called SEM (Search Engine Marketing), this promotional strategy depends on the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.